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Share in the history of the Mi'kmaw people through food, stories & traditional experiences in song & dance...

  Book a true authentic
experience of a lifetime...

Maqamikew (Soil).jpg
Maqamikew (Soil).jpg

This symbol is one of many Mi'kmaw Hieroglyph symbols  you 
may see as part of our traditional stories... "Makimigwek", when translated means "Soil", our eternal connection to Mother Earth.

Maqamikew (Soil).jpg

Indigenous Tourism PEI 

ITAPEI is a non-profit and volunteer Indigenous tourism business association mandated by the national body, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, to help assist in the growth of authentic Indigenous tourism experiences in the Province of Prince Edward Island.  ITPEI works with both the mainstream tourism industry and Indigenous-owned tourism businesses, First Nation-owned community enterprises and Indigenous artists and crafters to bring together quality experiences for visitors around the world!

Maqamikew (Soil).jpg

ITAPEI Offerings & Experiences


ITAPEI will work with the community and individual businesses as well as the island's top artists/artisans/crafters to bring together a collective of the top authentic culturally connected and appropriate Indigenous tourism experiences.  Currently, ITPEI is completing its vast list of offerings and will be promoting these for the 2020-2021 tourism year.  This list will be posted in the very near future along with the list of upcoming events!  Stay tuned!

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